Sunday, 21 January 2018

Kingdom : Nobility

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Kingdom : Nobility will probably not win the award for most original title in a game this year. That's one sure thing.


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It will probably not win the prize for the more frantic gameplay either.

But what we have here is just a cool little game for the aficionados of the "german-city-building" type of games.

If you feel a little pulse every time your building upgrades from a tent to a slightly more bourgeois habitation, and if watching your little guys go on about their wood cutting and their stone hoarding for hours, then this game is made for you.

The campaign mode has only 5 scenarios which doesn't seem like much, but I suppose the real fans will play the sandbox mode?

Difficulty seems a bit high but with enough perseverance even a total beginner like me managed to beat a couple of scenarios. It is just a matter of understanding building interactions. For example don't  forget to build processing buildings in order to transform your raw material into useful ressources.

The interface has some flaws, the scrolling is choppy and annoying, but the overall quality grants Kingdom:Nobility a spot on the Jovian blue list.

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