Sunday, 21 January 2018

Gamma Bros

Gamma Bros was released in 2006 by independant develloper Pixeljam , one of the most underrated talents in the indiesphere. It demonstrates masterfully how to evolve an old arcade classic  without sacrificing to the dictature of style .

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When I first happened upon this game I was stunned. Someone finally had managed to put into pixels a confuse idea that was resting in the back of my mind since I had first discovered videogames as a young boy.

I remembered those cool gaming vibes that emanated from every atari 2600 games and pioneer consoles  (it is no wonder why all PixelJam's recent games are decorated with a fake atari 2600 game cover).

At this time when I was looking at a game and thinking of what could be done to enhance it, the answer was not only "better graphics". The answer was something more complex that involved a coherent universe and a total feeling of freedom. I would have liked to see the hero break from the systematism of the levels he was trapped in, and see what was happening in between the stages. I would have liked to see the hero walk out of the castle at the end of the game, and instead of a simple ending screen, I would have liked to see him get to the nearest town to sell his treasures and go drink himself to sleep in a tavern or get back to another adventure. I wanted to experience the story right there on the screen instead of reading it in the lush manuals of that era.

Unfortunately, game devellopers have only managed to divide their games into two parts, the "game" and the "story" forever spearated by an illusory conception of "gameplay".The error was to constantly separate the game point-of view from the story point of view.

Here, Pixeljam managed to practically unfold every inch of the original Galaxian gameplay, and tell a whole story without once breaking from the game point of view. Actually, even the game menu seems to be a part of the level.

The result is a masterpiece.

Of course everything is not perfect. For example the game uses the infamous WASD scheme for firing which is the bane of non-qwerty players. (That said, if you have problems with that, you can play the game with just A and D)

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