Sunday, 21 January 2018

Pixel Knight 2

Pixel Knight the first, was a nice but limited little game. With this second version, Codinsoft improved the recipe of its medieval themed delicacy, for the delight of oldschool arcade lovers.

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Very much like the first episode, the game presents us with a sequence of small side-scrolling levels, which are filled with many enemies, traps and deadly pits.

The graphic are rendered in a very simple pixel style that is closer to what you could find on a Sega master system than on an arcade machine. But they are done in a totally coherent and cute style which makes the game flawless on the visual department.

Actually the graphics are completely identical to the graphics of the first game, but it's not really a problem since we're pretending the first game doesn't exist. Furthermore, the sequel is improved enough that we can have real fun replaying with the same graphics (honestly I didn't bother finishing the first one).

The enemies are very varied and well designed with many different weapons, abilities and toughness.

The player has access to a large inventory of very different weapons. They will no doubt remind you of the weapons in Ghost and goblins, some of them seem ridiculously overpowered and others mean short term death if you pick them up. Actually the whole atmosphere of this game is very reminiscent of the Capcom classic.

You will no doubt have a hard time defeating the beholders (that is until you find that particular tactic that involves trampolines...)

The game is not very long but perfectly well adjusted for the flash format, so what are you waiting for ?!

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