Sunday, 21 January 2018

Chronicles of Avael : prologue

I don't know what's up with role playing games and the word "prologue" or with them and long winded titles, but "Chronicles of Avael : prologue, Escape from Castle Dragonstone" is a pure RPG all right. A RPG-light that is.


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That said, if you manage to get past the title you'll find a very enjoyable game, albeit a bit short. The gameplay is rather complex(for a flash game) but the game suffers from its short size. If you liked black Isle games and Troika games, you will surely feel attracted to the little overhead view in the picture above. So what are you wainting for already?

Just remember to keep your mouse over objects for a (slooow) tooltip.


Many elements seem to not be used such as experience points and party members, this "prologue" appears more like an engine demo than a final game, but it should be enough to wet your appetite for the next episode of Avael (stay tuned)


UPDATE: You can now play the sequel, The chimaera stones, here

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