Sunday, 21 January 2018

SUPER Pixel knight

Finally, CodinSoft adds a sequel to one of the most succesful pixel arcade series for browser games. How does it compare to the previous games? Read more to find out.

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Well to be honnest I'm not sure I like the new gameplay.  It has lost a lot of it's speed and spontaneity. To sum it up, it's a different game.

On the other hand, thegameplay seems a bit more solid now, there are a few additions (magic!) and weapon management seems to be more forgiving.

On the graphics sides, thing are definitely improving with each new episode, although we're still far from the quality of the arcade games that the game tries to emulate. And, since the characters are a bit bigger, we've lost a bit of the pixel charm.

Are you going to play it? definitely. So why don't you make your own opinion...

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