Sunday, 25 February 2018

Rain World

Rain world is a mysterious project of which very little is known

In [----] of 1955 a team of US marine lead by Lieutenant [--------] found an abandoned bunker on a small island ------- nautical miles in the -------- of Guam.

They could not enter the bunker and left it as that.

In [----] of 1996 a detachment stationed on the island noticed that the bunker door had opened, they entered a small room and found a lot of strange equipment and a small mineral disc-shaped object.

It was postulated that the disc had to be used like a mass storage unit for an informatic system.

Ten years laters, doctor [----------] managed to read and decode dats found on the disc, the pictures and videos contained within this article were unscrambled from the disc..

These informations have been leaked by an unknown informant known as "JLJAC",  informations about the project are sporadically released on social media. Proceed with caution.



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