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What Personal Information About website visitors Does Gather? doesn't collect any personal information about its' visitors.
The website might redirect the visitor to another website such as another blog or an online vendor that might have a different privacy policy.
The visitor should check with that other website's policy.

What About Cookies?

A cookie is used by the webiste software solely for the purpose of easier website navigation and is set to be deleted at the end of the session.
It is possible that we may link to other blogs or online stores with different policies.
We try to insure that linked websites do not engage in malicious behaviour, but should not be held responsible for the behaviour
of any linked third party website.

Do we share any Information about visitors?

we do not share any informations about our visitors.
We might link the visitor to a third party website but only if they voluntarily chose to do so by clicking a non-ambiguous web link.

Which Information Can I Access?

the website is designed for anonymous surfing and as such should not collect information about the visitor.

Are Children Allowed to Use this website?

Our website is child-friendly, but children should only use the website under the supervision of an adult.

Buying content from a third party website might provide retributed links to third party websites that propose select purchases to the visitor.
In this case, the link provided by should only be considered as informative. or the website managers can not be held responsible for problems that could happen during or after the purchase.
Such problems or any refund request should only be dealt with the third party vendor website.

Visiting and making some actions on the website such as clicks or any other method imply that you agree with the above policy.


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