Sunday, 25 February 2018

Manos The hands of Fate

MANOS, The Hands Of Fate is the closest videogame equivalent to a B-movie you could find.

At least, that's what the author went fore. If only by basing his game on an infamous B-movie made famous by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 show.

Obviously the B factor is questionable, as is the choice of going for a retro NES aesthetic. I know that a lot of players were raised with a NES gamepad, and will appreciate the crudeness of the graphics and gameplay but there was surely a way to make things look better.

At least it won't annoy you for long because, and it is one of manos' best qualities, the game doesn't overstay its' welcome.

The game is indeed short -finishable in an evening with some dedication- and I think more games should adopt this bite-sized format.

If you can tolerate the constant cinematographic and NES references, it is a rather good piece of entertainement.

You can get the game from Indievania here.

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