Sunday, 25 February 2018

Jovian Blue

Hills Of Bones - Update 2

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The game demo is released!

>Download it here<

(Windows PC only)

You can also support the game on Steam greenlight

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Hills Of Bones

User Rating: / 6

Hills of Bones is our new game, available for Windows PC

Hills of Bones was started as a spiritual successor to well-loved arcade classics such as

DIG DUG, but its' design soon went beyond the classic arcade feel.

We nevertheless strived to keep the game casual and simple, in order to keep that unique feel

of progression and reward offered by games of the past.

>DOWNLOAD DEMO for Windows PC<

Hills of Bones is the second opus in the "brittania Obscura" setting after Carnival Of Hell.
The story is unrelated though and you can jump right in and play the adventures of Burton and

the professor Bennet as they search for fame and scientific glory, but they might find more than

they wished for.

"Brittania obscura" is a fresh new setting in Victorian England where many jovianblue games

will take place.
We have nevertheless been very cautious to avoid all victorian related tropes , as we give a lot

of importance to a good scenario and cliches must be avoided at all cost.

(Brittania Obscura, Carnival of Hell and Hills of Bones are copyright 2010-2013

and laurent jean-vincent. All rights reserved)

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Operation full moon, final Demo

This is the third release and final candidate for the remake of Operation Full Moon, part of the Action 52 owns! initiative.


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Carnival Of Hell!

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There is something rotten in the kingdom of gentlefolks and it's up to you to sort the good from the evil, with your trusty elephant rifle!

(click picture to play game)

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Introducing the Jovian devellopment studio

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We are proud to introduce Jovian industries our own devellopment studio. Jovian industries will proudly release top quality games in exclusivity on Jovian Blue and then elsewhere. Stay tuned for news of our latest realisations in many different genres and formats. We are always listening for the advice of our community, so do not hesitate to share your opinions and suggestions through this website.

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