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Indie Games

Cryptic Comet

Cryptic Comet is the indie boardgame hero.

He has so far released 4 games using the tabletop paradigm.

Granted the games are a bot hit and miss, they're still a very refreshing experience even if the interface sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, the games are guaranteed to get your imagination flying like only turn-based games can.

My two personal favorites are armaggedon empires and Occult chronicles.

But try them for yourself, each game offers a turn-limited demo.

>Visit the Website<

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Manos The hands of Fate

MANOS, The Hands Of Fate is the closest videogame equivalent to a B-movie you could find.

At least, that's what the author went fore. If only by basing his game on an infamous B-movie made famous by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 show.

Obviously the B factor is questionable, as is the choice of going for a retro NES aesthetic. I know that a lot of players were raised with a NES gamepad, and will appreciate the crudeness of the graphics and gameplay but there was surely a way to make things look better.

At least it won't annoy you for long because, and it is one of manos' best qualities, the game doesn't overstay its' welcome.

The game is indeed short -finishable in an evening with some dedication- and I think more games should adopt this bite-sized format.

If you can tolerate the constant cinematographic and NES references, it is a rather good piece of entertainement.

You can get the game from Indievania here.

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"16bit defense at its finest"

That's how the author describes the game, and it is indeed a very accurate description.

As you can see the 16-bit graphics are somptuous.

The game itself is a defense+Upgrade formula very common in the flash market, and the game is actually available on flash portals, but I can only recomend getting the full game if you want to support a business model that doesn't suck. It is extremely cheap (0.59 pounds, which is like 3.49 royal ferrets or 0.645 barrels of rum ) .

The game goes beyond its' grindy flash heritage by being very addictive and not leaving an aftertaste of wasted time and the action is suported by a well delivered storyline.



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Rain World

Rain world is a mysterious project of which very little is known

In [----] of 1955 a team of US marine lead by Lieutenant [--------] found an abandoned bunker on a small island ------- nautical miles in the -------- of Guam.

They could not enter the bunker and left it as that.

In [----] of 1996 a detachment stationed on the island noticed that the bunker door had opened, they entered a small room and found a lot of strange equipment and a small mineral disc-shaped object.

It was postulated that the disc had to be used like a mass storage unit for an informatic system.

Ten years laters, doctor [----------] managed to read and decode dats found on the disc, the pictures and videos contained within this article were unscrambled from the disc..

These informations have been leaked by an unknown informant known as "JLJAC",  informations about the project are sporadically released on social media. Proceed with caution.



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ALastairJohn Jack, the bravest indie

                                                                 THIRD PARTY GAMES                                                                     

Alastair JJ's games are small but full of old fashioned charm, check these out:.


woop woop,

Arvoesine is a short game, but one of those games that you replay until you can zip through every stage

without taking damage and get a kick when you can finally pull it off.



kweek kweek

Angvik is a more experimental game, and it is made in HTML5, so make sure that your computer can

actually play HTML5 games without performance problems, but very interesting, just for the very original

inventory system and the way it was made to fit an arcade gameplay.

>BUY ($3.99)<

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His Dark Majesty

His Dark Majesty is like a nerd dream come true. Provided this nerd is a bit inclined toward retro games and attribute clash delights. And also an amateur of strategy games.

The polish group of devellopers behind this masterpiece have been painstakingly coding a real functional game for the Atari 8 bit line of computer, and what a very fine game!

Click picture for download page

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